In common with other sports the Braintree Table Tennis League has abandoned its programme for the current season.
But before it did so, eight teams had won their way through to the quarter finals of the handicap cup after a number of tight matches.
Black Notley’s D and F teams won 5-4, Netts E 5-3 and Notley I 6-3.
Notley D’s match against Rayne F featured a fairly closely matched set of players where no player had to face more than an eight-point deficit up to 21.

Peter Foster, who won his three singles, was Notley’s mainstay.
Notley F’s 5-4 win over Rayne I was a curious one in which they won the first two sets, lost the next four and then won the final three.
Elliot Game and Gordon Fairchild won twice for Notley and Ernst Midl twice for Rayne.
Daniel Farquharson won two out of two and Jimmy Calisin two out of three in Netts E’s 5-3 win over Notley E.
Notley I’s win over Notley C owed much to Jonny Evans’ three victories but it was clinched by John Wickins’ nailbiting win at 21-19 in the third game against Zach Harrington with the match score at 4-3.
Rayne D’s passage against their own C team was relatively comfortable, with Dave Miller unbeaten in the 7-2 victory.
Rayne J and Rayne G were even more convincing, winning 8-1 against Netts D and Nomads respectively.
James Long and Scott Whiteside were both unbeaten for Rayne J as were Tim Gowers and Peter Rickwood for Rayne G.
Notley B received a walkover.
There were a number of close results in the final week of matches in division two.
Leaders Rayne E were grateful to Kelly Yuenyongpknan’s three singles for their 6-4 win over Notley C.
Gordon Fairchild was the stumbling block for Liberal C. They won all the sets against Notley F apart from Fairchild’s three singles.
Notley E had the most convincing win of the week, 8-2 over Nomads, where Takunda Nerutanga was the only one to beat Kevin Saunders.
Sean Clift was unbeaten in Notley D’s draw with Rayne D while the two teams at the bottom, Netts D and Felsted RBL, also shared the points, only the second time this season Netts have avoided defeat.
Clive Forster was unbeaten for Netts.
Netts D had earlier lost 9-1 to Liberal C, a match notable as the first time Peter Lewis has won more sets than Forster (and he only just lost to Jon Fieldsend 12-10 in the fifth) and the first time Dave Hardy has won more than Garry Fryatt.

Do you want to try Hockey? or return to the sport, then look no further.
The Phoenix Hockey Club was formed in 2009 following the amalgamation of Braintree Hockey Club and Dunmow Hockey Club. The Club play in Braintree and cover all the areas around Braintree and Dunmow as well as Halstead and Coggeshall.
These are our regular weekly sessions

4.30-5.30pm Mini red coaching sessions
8 and under age group.
5.30-6.30pm Mini orange and green coaching sessions
9 and under, 10 and under
7pm – 9pm Adult coaching and social play
9-10am Mini red coaching sessions 8 and under age group.
10-11am mini green 10 and under age group
10-11am junior girls
11-1pm junior boys and girls
For enquiries call Dave 07515 512875.

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